June Home Sales in Redondo Beach

June 2020 Sales and prices for Redondo Beach Real Estate

Welcome to the real estate recap for June home sales in Redondo Beach.

The bad news is that June was another slow month in terms of the number of home sales in the coastal community of Redondo Beach. There were only 47 home sales compared with 90 home sales in June of 2019. 

The market in The Village and Seascape was slow with only one of the home sales was in The Village and was a first floor one bedroom at 630 The Village #105 that sold for $585,000.

The good news is that while the number of homes sold was slow,  prices were impressive.   The median “list” price for the homes that closed escrow was $1,149,000 with the median “sold” price being $1,165,000 meaning that most homes sold well over the list price.


Current Redondo Beach homes for sale

Closed Sales and  Home Prices in Redondo Beach for June

MLS #Type AddresPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear
PV20003066SFR/D309Calle De Andalucia   $1,950,000$584.534/2,3,1,03336/A2006/OTH
SB20091568SFR/D341Calle Mayor   $2,351,000$867.214/2,0,1,02711/D1952/ASR
SB20112988SFR/D529Paseo De La Playa   $5,650,000$1,777.294/2,1,0,03179/A1962/PUB
SB20065471CONDO/A2001Artesia BLVD   #416$595,000$572.122/1,1,0,01040/A2008/ASR
SB20078612TWNHS/A2304Mathews AVE   #3$780,000$523.492/1,1,1,01490/A1978/ASR
SB20090566TWNHS/D2219Voorhees AVE   #2$834,000$686.422/1,0,1,01215/A1978/PUB
SB20051919TWNHS/A2513Mathews AVE   #A$915,000$551.874/3,0,0,01658/A2001/ASR
SB20063257TWNHS/A2017Ruhland AVE   #A$1,157,000$466.914/3,0,0,02478/A1989/BLD
SB20005175TWNHS/A2218Bataan RD   #B$1,172,000$506.483/2,0,1,02314/A1986/ASR
OC20054369TWNHS/A1933Curtis AVE   #A$1,172,000$477.204/3,0,0,02456/A1990/ASR
SB20082368CONDO/D1918Ruhland AVE   #B$1,244,000$502.223/3,0,0,02477/A1987/ASR
SB20043223TWNHS/D2407Felton LN  $1,247,665$390.994/3,0,1,03191/A1990/ASR
PW20085623SFR/D2306Graham AVE  $1,405,000$1,078.282/2,0,0,01303/SEE1951/ASR
PV20081297TWNHS/D2203Ruhland AVE   #A$1,559,000$613.784/3,0,1,02540/B2020/BLD
20578420TWNHS2603ROCKEFELLER LN   #3$800,000$489.302/1,1,1,01635/A1980/ASR
SB20073261TWNHS/A1916Rockefeller LN   #2$855,000$391.843/2,0,1,02182/T1985/ASR
SB20077522TWNHS/A1732Ruxton LN   #G$890,000$530.083/2,0,1,01679/A2000/ASR
SB20084915TWNHS/A1923Marshallfield LN   #D$1,025,000$507.433/2,0,1,02020/A1983/ASR
SB20077059SFR/D821Anita ST  $1,386,000$773.444/1,2,0,01792/P1963/PUB
SB20073725SFR/D18522Grevillea AVE  $755,000$920.733/1,0,0,0820/A1952/PUB
PV20085973TWNHS/A630Meyer LN   #A$995,000$412.863/3,0,0,02410/A2002/ASR
SB20062020SFR/D2511Alvord LN  $1,240,000$939.393/3,0,0,01320/A1953/ASR
SB20071724SFR/D1140Harper AVE  $935,000$1,025.222/1,0,0,0912/A1958/APP
SB20058479SFR/D1600Spreckels LN  $978,000$627.733/2,0,0,01558/A1963/PUB
SB20069859SFR/D1627Van Horne LN  S$1,060,000$575.153/1,2,0,01843/A1961/PUB
SB20102451SFR/D1707Herrin ST  $1,165,000$802.893/1,0,1,01451/A1967/ASR
SB20042904SFR/D1720Steinhart AVE  $1,200,000$679.123/2,0,0,01767/A1975/PUB
RS20073580TWNHS/A239 NJuanita AVE   #E$860,000$651.522/2,0,1,01320/A1979/ASR
SB20075616TWNHS/D625 NLucia AVE   #A$1,190,000$462.143/2,0,1,02575/A1997/ASR
SB20087245TWNHS/D231 SIrena AVE   #2$1,201,000$622.933/1,1,1,01928/A1981/ASR
SB20070806SFR/D1011Garnet ST  $1,350,000$687.374/4,0,0,01964/A2007/ASR
SB20117507TWNHS/D223 SIrena AVE   #B$1,800,000$599.004/3,0,1,03005/B2020/BLD
SB20117276TWNHS/D223 SIrena AVE   #A$1,800,000$610.384/3,0,2,02949/B2020/BLD
PV20031489TWNHS/D1011Spencer ST  $1,875,000$604.454/3,0,1,03102/B2020/BLD
SB20084764CONDO/A826Camino Real    #204$585,000$616.442/1,1,0,0949/A1970/ASR
PW20077057CONDO/A820Camino Real    #105$590,000$621.712/2,0,0,0949/A1970/PUB
OC20068896CONDO/A1920 SPCH #308$825,000$932.201/1,0,0,0885/B2019/BLD
OC20123835TWNHS/A1920 SPCH #115$1,050,000$538.463/2,0,1,01950/B2019/BLD
OC20068918TWNHS/A1920 SPCH #117$1,050,000$538.463/2,0,1,01950/B2019/BLD
PV20079867SFR/D847Avenue C   $1,250,000$581.404/2,1,0,02150/P1952/PUB
SB20063194SFR/D602Faye LN  $1,280,000$636.824/1,1,0,02010/A1967/ASR
PV20048242SFR/D501Avenue D   $1,595,000$1,085.773/1,1,0,01469/T1951/ASR
20576054SFR1027AVENUE A   $2,800,000$642.354/5,0,1,04359/A2017/ASR
SB20055463CONDO/A630The Village    #105$585,000$945.071/1,0,0,0619/A1974/ASR
IN20070842CONDO/A535Esplanade    #108$835,000$983.511/2,0,0,0849/A1976/PUB
SB20046115TWNHS/A617 SPacific Coast    #A$1,115,000$506.824/3,0,1,02200/E2006/ASR
SB20051992TWNHS/A724 SBroadway    #C$1,810,000$680.203/1,1,1,02661/T2004/ASR

Recent Condo Sales in The Village and Seacape Redondo Beach

Recent condo sales and escrows

Keep current on the Village real estate market with infomation on the most recent condo sales in these ocean view buildings.

Most recent sales of one bedroom oceanview condos in The Village are still selling over $600,000 although we’re starting to see some that are lacking big views or needing some cosmetic work selling in the high $500,000s. 

See below for all of the recent escrows and closed condo sales in The Village (610-660 The Village) and the Seascape complexes.

Recent Village and Seascape Sales

One Bedroom On the Market at Under $600,000 in the 630 Building

630 The Village #105 priced sold at $585,000

**Update** This condo sold.  Please click the link below to see the current updated listings.  Currently (as of 3/30) there are two 1 bedroom condos for sale in The Village in Redondo Beach.  One of them is located at 630 The Village.  This home has had some upgrades over the years but in general is in fairly original condition.  It’s very clean and well taken care of but still has the original kitchen cabinets and countertops and is priced accordingly.  View the photos and details below***.

630 The Village #105

Rare 2 Bedroom Condo in The Village Closes at $970,000

2 Bedroom Condo Sale at 630 The Village #116

We just recently saw the sale of a very rare 2 bedroom oceanview condo at 630 The Village #116.  2 bedrooms in The Village are very rare as there are only 6 per building.  This oceanview condo sat on the market for a bit but ultimately sold for a very impressive price of $970,000.  This was a first floor unit which usually means a limited view but the 630 building sits up a bit higher due to two levels (instead of one) of parking.  Views were great….especially for a first floor unit.  As all two bedroom units are the furthest west in the building, they’re always closest to the water and the best views in the buildings.

630 the village #116

Explore King Harbor and the Redondo Beach Pier

What's Nearby the Village - King Harbor and the Redondo Pier

One of the staple aspects of real estate is “location, location, location”  and without question the buildings of The Village and Seascapes 1,2 and 3 are ideally located.  They’re just steps to the beach, Redondo Beach pier and King Harbor.  With an abundance of shops and restaurants just outside your door it’s pretty tough to beat.  From the oceanview dining at Kincaids, to relaxing with a Mai Tai in the crows nest of Old Tony’s, to casual dining at Rubys…..there’s something for everyone.

Photo Gallery of King Harbor and the Redondo Pier

630 The Village #103

A new first floor one bedroom condo just came on the market in The Village at 630 The Village #103.  One nice aspect to the 630 building is that it has 2 levels of underground parking so the 1st floor of this building is more like a 2nd floor view in other buildings.  As with all of the buildings the lower the number the further from the water the condo is so unit is the furthest from the water (other than the studios which are always the last unit on each floor).  Although the first floor units have the least exciting views in each building, there are a few advantages…..1st floor condos have larger balconies/decks and only first floor units can have hardwood floors.  Take a look and contact us if you have questions or would like to set up a private showing.

If you tell us what you’re ideally looking for we can also customize a home/condo search and send you email listing alerts the moment a new home hits the market.

630 The Village #103